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[Trends Now] Jumpsuits & Rompers

Trend: Jumpsuit & Rompers

Feel troublesome to make the daily styling?

How about wearing jumpsuit & Rompers?


credit: streetper

This style at the Street of South Korea. Long Jumpsuit but still feel the trendy.
Sunglasses, Jumpsuit are their key item.

Also, the celebrities, KARA

wearing the striped jumpsuit on their CD Single
"Thank You Summer Love" Cover.

with wedges & high heels.

Other celebrities.

Feeling Cool & Having a great vacation mood.

You should have one in your summer.

in Dolly & Molly

We can provide it for you.

Striped Jumpsuit (2Colors)

Plain Jumpsuit (2 Colors)

Garden Flare Jumpsuit (2 Colors)

Tropical Pattern Jumpsuit (2 Colors)

Pattern Long Jumpsuit (2 Colors)

Gingham Checked Long Jumpsuit (2 Colors)
Japan Famous Model -- Rola (ローラ) also wore it to attend
japanese entertainment show


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