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[Fashion Tips]Denim Shorts Style by Dolly & Molly

Hi Girls! It's Monday in the mid of summer.
How is your vacation? have you been to the beach or you're still sleeping in the sun?

Dolly & Molly have the styling tips for you in vacation.

A hot items for the summer!
Hot Pants, or Denim Shorts

A simple denim shorts give you a cool summer 
simple, basic but stylish.

Get a cropped top, 
show your slim waist.

The sexy, The beauty, The style Icon.

How about Gingham checked top? 

roll-up a little bit of your shorts, feel a different.

Scraf at your head with loosen top also your top choice.
maybe show some of your hip.

A sexy back silhoutte is there.

Not only summer, in the coming fall season, 
you may add your blouses with long cardigan with
the knit beanies.

Statement necklace with it-bag!
Not a bad style.

The trendy point for this summer:
1.very very short 
nearly show a little bit of your hips out.
2. frayed/demaged
incomplete is the keywords now!
3. Loosen vs Tighten
Tighten is going to give a sexy feel.
Loosen can create multi-style for you.

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