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[Daily Styling] Rainy Day Styling by Dolly & Molly

It's rainy day again in Hong Kong. /-\

The grey sky & raindrops may make you feel a little bit down.

However, with Dolly & Molly.
You won't feel alone!

Let us Rock the rain!

Rainy Day Style by Dolly & Molly.

A Clear Rain boots. 
with Cute Colorful Socks,
don't forget your umbrella.
I want you to have a great day.
with the blue sky inside the umbrella.

And a little film recommend to you today is
"The Blue Umbrella
from PIXAR.
Talks about how the blue umbrella meets the red umbrella.

Cute Music & Plot. 
Gives you a different mood in the rainy day.

Will you encounter your blue or red umbrella ? 
We'll see it. 

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