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[Events] Party Goods Suggestions by Dolly & Molly

 Party Goods DIY Suggestions ★

It's Friday!
Hey guys! Are you preparing for your weekend party? 

feeling waste if to buy new party goods? 

Use the things you own it and create your own party with you DIY stuffs!
ECO-Party ! 

DIY Pompoms, using papers. 
1.Create a fan by folding the paper every 2 cm continuously
2. after created a fan, cut the both side into circular.
3.create 3 more as the above steps.
4. Paste them together. Done!
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ICE-CREAM Balloons!! 

1. Blow the balloons.
2. cut the paper into semi-circles 
3. paste the horizontal side together.
4.use tape to fit it under the balloons & 
remember to left a hole for the balloons to pass through.

put it in somewhere you like in the room

We're done with the decorations,
and then how about the food.

JAM JAR → Drinks CUP
Find a finished Jam Jar/ Dressing Jar,

Use your shopping tags & ropes. 
Name your friends on the tags.

Don't Forget to Prepare your Drinks for your friends!

How about your Presents?

Use the Pop Corn Paper cups to pass to your friend.


Your Party Costumes!

I am the heroin! 
Stars Tank Top

Elegant & Sexy Dancers
Viola One Piece

I come from the future!
The Cyber pattern Set.

Now, Party Should Start right? 

Enjoy your Preparing Time &
HAVE FUN in your Parties!!!!

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