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[Star Fashion] How to become Girl's Day? Fashion Styling by Dolly & Molly

Famous Korean Girls Band, Girl's Day.

a four-member South Korean girl group under the management of Dream Tea Entertainment. 
The group consists of four members whose names are Sojin, Minah, Yura and Hyeri. 

Their fan-club is called "Daisy" or "Dai5y".

Four Cute Girls, They have released new song recently, 

Namely "FEMALE PRESIDENT"(여자대통령)
The Title Song is "Expectation"(기대해)

They are always in group look.
showing a team spirit & different feeling in similar outfit!

Let us see their latest performance costume for the comeback!

Inkigayo's(인기가요) Performance:
in Back Stage,
On Stage.
All with the White Top and the point is the
 Diamond Shape Prints High-waist Pants
and then with a pair of white wedge.

As the MC of Mnet Countdown:

Monotone Top is their theme is here.

A simple tank top / T-shirt can
 bring our their girly characters!!

Last, but not least, in the TV Show 
Weekly Idol (주간아이돌)

The whole black look of Minah is eye catching to us!

Want to find similar Products?
Dolly & Molly can provide the 
Girl's Day Style for you!

Checked Style:

Checked Pants(2 Colors)

T-shirt @ Mnet Style:

Hand drawing Rocker T-shirt (2 Colors)

Weekly Idol Style:

Artmatic T-shirt (2 Colors)

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[Trends] We Back to 60s !! 60s' Fashion!

60's Fashion

The most hot color in this summer, Neon colors;

The hot sunglasses, new to our eyes; rounded sunglasses;

The tightest skirts, mini tight;

The refreshing hair style: Short hair for girls.

 Prints, etc..

All of these, isn't it familiar? 
You're Right! 

It's all about 60s Fashion. 
Based on 60s.

he 1960s term also refers to an era more often called The Sixties, denoting the complex of inter-related cultural and political trends across the globe.

The keywords of the 60s Fashion:

the most colorful days in the past than 2013 Spring/Summer.
All the most beautiful colors are comes out together with the prints.

Set Look
From head to toe! All you can see are made of the same tone or
same pattern/materials! 
A feeling of united as One.
But yet new to public. 
A Complete Look.

The Pastels & Fluorescent Colors
Perfect Match for the spring, Colors that can
bring out the meaning of new life, 
always being bright, vibrant & vivid.

Rounded Sunglasses
shapes that create a mystery yet interesting geometrical contrast to body.
Somehow maximize the using of colors & Printing on body.

Twiggy! The Face of 66
A girl who has been found out just because she changed her hairstyle
into a iconic short hair! becomes the youngest model on that period!
Only debut on Sixteen years old!

Her Iconic make up & Face We won't forget her!

In 2013, Short Hair Cut also fresh to Girls.

Although I am women, I want something new!
Something represent me! 
Boylish yet present the face in a different way.
Mini Skirt
The skirt length become Shorter and shorter! 
everyone want to have a mini skirt in their wardrobe.

This year, the revolution of fashion based on 60s.
Could you feel it? Do you like 60s Fashion?

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Artmatic Sporty T-shirt(2 Colors)

Neon Color Lace Set (2 Colors)

Skull T-shirt (3 Colors)

Neon Wedge (2 colors)

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[Weekly Idol] Girl's Day Styling by Dolly & Molly

Weekly Idol (주간아이돌),
Guest: Girl's Day(걸스데이)
The latest episode of Weekly Idol(주간 아이돌), They have invited the
famous girls' group, Namely Girl's Day(걸스데이) to be the guest!!

They have a sexy dance battle on the show which ending in funny moment.
The members are Sojin소진, Minah민아, Yura유라 and Hyeri혜리.

Sojin(소진) won the battle!!! 
The sexy queen!! 섹시미 

And then she told the fans her secret of sexy dance.
follow with few other games.

When we look at the outfit of Girl's Day.
Not a group look but they are all dressing
with T-shirt/ Tank Top then shorts 
to attend the show.

The winner can taste the Korea Beef as Present!

Only Minah(민아) wearing Onepiece at the show.
with a see-through top on it. 
A pair of studded Converse Sneakers.
All Black Styling is also the trend of summer.

You want to have a cool & trendy

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Mina's Sexy Sporty Styling by Dolly & Molly

Artmatic T-shirt (2Colors, Black/Pink);

Viola Onepiece (3 Colors, Orange/Pink/Yellow);

Neon Colors Knot Bracelet(3 Colors)

Do not want all black style, You can choose your Colors,
with Pink, Orange, Yellow as your matching colors!!

A Cheerful, Cute & Sporty Look is here!

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