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[Dolly&Molly Star Fashion] Sistar with Dolly & Molly

   SISTAR with Dolly & Molly Summer Fashion  

Summer Fashion in 2013 ! 

Still have trouble when choosing your outfit for the day?

Let Sistar tell you which styling fit for this summer!

Keyword #1
Electric Blue

Whatever it's on women or men, 
it stands out from the others

Keywords #2

In the name of stripes,
Jean Seberg

The french actress, Modern short hair with Striped Tops, symbolic look for her.
the style icon forever.

So when you mixed them together!
Blue stripes, give you a cool feeling in summer,
also the marine style like feeling!

I will choose the Striped Jumpsuit!

in Dolly & Molly


Keyword #3

Start from the hot pink lip stick!
the hot pink clothes also hot!

Put on the pink to you, not limited to feminie but playful style!

So SOYOU from Sistar choose the Artmatic T-shirt
from Dolly & Molly.

Other members also wearing pink color!

Artmatic T-shirt (2 colors, Black/Pink)

Other Pink Products

Viola OP (3 colors, Yellow/Pink/Orange)

Lace sleeveless Boho chic OPS (Purple)
Neon Floral Tank Top (2 colors: Aqua/Yellow)

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