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[Dolly & Molly Nails] Summer Nail Arts

Nail Polish can add extra points to your look like the diamond on the rings, stars at the night.
A suitable nail color can improve your image. giving you a whole new feeling.
Even, when you look at your shining nails, you will feel better and have a greater day than you imagine. 

Neon colors are certainly the hit colors in this spring/summer!! 2013.

Katy Perry, Rihanna the celebrities also carrying the neon color nail polish!!

An item that can make you stand out from the others!

I have some recommendation for you when choosing Nail Colors:

MODI nail polish, Korea Brand

OPI, Essie, Mac,etc 

Gold color accessories also match with the colors!

In advance, Geometrical Pattern, Dots, Hand-drawing like are also recommended!

Triangle collage 
makes your nails become retro style.

Trendy patter from past to now

Just left some space be clear to your skin, also new to this year!

Animal Prints,
paint it with rainbow colors and then add some 
black strokes of the tigers! 
New adventure at a concrete jungle!!

How to make the color matching?

1. Neon colors x WHITE

Like the mix-and-match in fashion
white color suitable for any neon colors at this season.


Electric blue with yellow, the contrast, I think your know it!

3. A Neon Rainbow
Paint your nails with different color on each fingers
Then you can get your rainbow rhythm.

Finally, an outfit that suits your nails

Neon Color OPS (2 Colors)

Stiped Bicolor T-shirt (2 Colors)

Vintage Soft Color Denim Skirt (1 Color)

Garden Flare Jumpsuit (2 Colors)

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