Dolly & Molly


Who's Dolly & Molly?

Hello! We are Dolly & Molly!
A young casual brand for women.

We are based in Korea and now we are in HK and Japan!

You may ask,

    Who is Dolly ?  

Let me introduce you.

A style that mix & match with the boylish girl and trendy clothing.
That is Dolly.
A girl who like trendy fashion
but at the same time
 presenting a Boylish & Playful Image to the others

  How about Molly? 

Molly is a girl with elegant style and chic items.
She likes the girly style and trendy fashion.

The Story of two girls started in here...

Dolly and Molly are contrasting characters yet co-existing under the same roof.
So, We are mixing up two totally different style
and aim to provide every pretty girls with unique & trendy fashion!

 Origin of us 
We are inspired by the Story of Dolly & Molly which written by Elizabeth Gordon.

The story of twin sisters' life, love, friendship, etc.
But the new chapters are in here.

Our Brand

Want to know what's happening between two of them??

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