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[Trend Report] 2013 AW, FW Trends, the hidden Dark Romance

Girls, did you reach to any of the fashion week?
as the fall & winter season is coming,
Dolly & Molly will give you the trend tips in this Fall/Winter!

from: GRAZIA Italia - February 2013

Taking the trend from last Spring/Summer Season,
the Flowers are blooming in this Fall/Winter too!

a dark romance starts now!
luxury, mysterious 

The feeling of a rose, 
in black color 
blooming in the winter!!

We can see lots of brands carrying the new black
with floral lace giving the clothing 
a new texture in the winter.

Blooming from Spring to now
the Rose become the winter in this season!

Want to get floral products??

come to Dolly & Molly
makes you the heroin.

Rose Lace Jumper
with Shiny Leather Sleeves

Shiny texture also the keywords this coming AW.

Vintage Floral Prints Set up!

Damaged Floral Print Denim Jacket

in 2 Colors Frayed Floral Shorts

New 70s Fashion : Gingham checks with rose lace 

Available in 2 colors,

Lace Sleeves Top

Lace layered Top

have fun with different texture & shades of black
Create your new "black romance"

"Rah, rah, ah, ah, ah

Roma, roma, ma
Gaga, ooh la la
Want your bad romance"
Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

All products are available in 
Dolly & Molly
a unique fashion brand.

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