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[Fashion in Drama] Cruel City, Actress Fashion Styling by Dolly & Molly

  [Fashion in Drama]Cruel City(무정도시), Actress Fashion Styling
   Did you watched or Watching the Korean Drama:
Cruel City(무정도시) ??

Both of them have an interesting story inside of it.

Cruel City

The drama revolves around the love and struggles of undercover agents and members of an infamous drug ring.

As for the Fashion inside...

Nam Gyu-ri(남규리) one of the actress inside the drama of Cruel City(무정도시)

A Skull T-shirt make her be young, although she is 27 years old now!

But We can see that she looks like SEVENTEEN!!!

The product is from the brand: Dolly & Molly

Another actress in Cruel City, Kim Yu-mi(김유미)
She is wearing a paisley jacket, with Red Color.

An elegant look with white pleated Tank Top inside.

Another product from Dolly & Molly.

A photo captured when she reading her scripts.

Paisley Jacket (2 Colors) 
by Dolly & Molly.

Another Image in this Drama,

Striped One Piece with statement necklace on her!

chain bag, metallic bangle and black stocking & high heels

A Sexy yet Stylish Look.

Powerful Existence.

Striped One Piece (1 Color, 2 Sizes)

also from Dolly & Molly.

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