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[Dolly & Molly]Shiny & Bright : Fall/Winter Trends in 2013

Hellow Girls,
Coming to the end of summer,

now we have take a little step into Fall, then Winter.

This Fall/Winter's Keywords,

as you may know about it.

Shiny & Bright!

We can see it in runways,

On the streets,

Shiny Black with Bright Colors items
are great match in this coming Fall/Winter.

Give you a new texture & Taste.
Some kind of luxury & Rich feeling.

We may not expose much of our skin in Fall/Winter,
Instead of it, using the shiny materials
show the bronze side, shiny skin,
you may say our second skin through the coat, dresses, 
leggings, any garment that possible.

So, We also provide some shiny items for all of our fashionista.
in Dolly & Molly

Shiny Blue Long One Piece(2 Colors)

Number 5 Shiny Leather One Piece(2 Colors)

Shimmer Lace Leggings

A Styling that in Shiny & Bright Style:
Shades of Blue
is your new black in this fall/winter!
Shinny Blue Rocker
by Dolly & Molly 

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Find at Dolly & Molly.

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Dolly & Molly
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Korea Drama Fashion: Ugly Alert with Dolly & Molly Styling

Today, I am going to introduce you the styling of Korean Drama.
Ugly Alert (못난이 주의보)

Family Comedy Drama, Started to broadcast on 20th May, 2013 on SBS 
at South Korean starring Im Joo-hwan, Kang Sora, Choi Tae-joon, and Kang Byul.
It is airing from Mondays to Fridays at 19:20 for 120 episodes.

The main actors & actress.

Today, we are going to focus on the youngest character Gong Na-ri (공나리)
Starring by Seol-hyun(설현).

Still a high school student, 
What kind of fashion is she wearing in the drama?

Starts T-shirt with Flare Denim Skirt

Stars T-shirt match with Flare Denim Skirt,
a pair of neon yellow wedge,
Finally a cute diamond shapes shoulder bag.

I am ready to meet my dearest Oppa(오빠)!! hahah

Striped Jumpsuit is her key item of the day.
On the way to meet relatives.

Striped Jumpsuit,
Yellow Wedge,somehow you can use it at any item!
with a clear clutch bag.
Feminie Hair Styling.
Day or Night? 
It's up to you.

Simple T-shirt with quality flare skirt.

Rocker Graffiti T-shirt,
Two Tone Flare Skirt,
Neon Pink Wedges

I am ready to go out with grandpa on family day.

Styling by Dolly & Molly

All products are available at 
Dolly & Molly
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FALL/WINTER NEW Collection of Dolly & Molly !!!

Dolly & Molly's New Collection
To Fall/Winter is out now!

Let's get a little preview of it!
New T-shirts, shorts

Outer! Camouflage! 
Bright Colors Leather Jacket

Floral Lace T-shirt


Want to know more?

Check out Pinterest! 

Dolly & Molly
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OCAMP What to Wear? by Dolly & Molly

2日3夜? 還是3日4夜?? 
大細O  都已經報了名?



炎炎夏日, 最可以同新朋友仔破冰的遊戲!!


Dolly & Molly 



Style Finish!!



我們就是Dolly & Molly

The products are available at 
Dolly & Molly
Dolly & Molly
Make your heroine life. 


Different Feeling of Same Clothing : Striped Jumpsuit

Girls! Did you have a great vacation??

In this summer,
the hottest item for beach, party, traveling,
is the 
Striped Roll-up Jumpsuit!! 
This is our model wearing the jumpsuit.

How about others??

It is also very popular in K-POP Stars.
On KARA's Japanese Single Jacket
she has picked the black color!

On sistar's Bora.
She picked the blue one!

On Baby J of Jewelry of the Stage at Ingikayo
black has been picked again.

In Seo In-young's Star Beauty Show(서인영의 스타 뷰티쇼)
Girls Band Rainbow has picked the blue one too! 

In the Entertainment Show in KBS,
namely, Gag Concert(개그콘서트),
The comedian, Kim Bora also picked the black one!

Which one will you pick??

Want to be sexy or want to be chic?? 

It's all up to you.

The products are available at 
Dolly & Molly
Dolly & Molly
your life style.


[What to Wear?] Freshman Styling at University by Dolly & Molly

Hey, Girls.
Are you all recently busying in joining the 
orientation events? 

After long time fight with the public exam,
Finally, Can get a chance to the university!!!

Feel like in the heaven?? Happy?

New stage for your life is begin now!
Do you feel nervous??

to be a Freshman ??

What will you prepare for joining the society???

Fashion Styling Tips for the 
Orientation Date 

The Freshman by Dolly & Molly.
White backpack, 
Striped T-shirt,
Pink Shorts,
In heel Sneakers,

It's your turn now! 
Tell them what's the fresh & new in now!

Products are available in

Striped T-shirt (2 Colors)

Eyeball Bracelet (4 Colors)

Colorful Shorts(2 Colors)

enjoy your new life in university with new friends!!
create a great moment with
Dolly & Molly.

Dolly & Molly
your life style.

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