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[Live Report] Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2013 by Dolly & Molly

Dolly & Molly has participated in the 
Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival this year.
In every summer,
WE have long waited for the ROCK Festival!
The most funny & crazy Moment! 
The Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival!!!

Using our Purple color!

The Silent Disco Event! 
Many people come to join the dance party with us !
with the DJ on stage!

Maybe others didn't know what are we doing! 
BUT we just keep our way on DANCING!!!
in Silent ~~Shhiiiiiiii~~~~~!
GET the Headphones ! and Let's DANCE!!

The the LUCKY 6PM was running smoothly!

Many customers come for the LUCKY BAG!
It only Cost 1000KRW! 

You can guest what you get it! ?

It's Our Brand Clothing!!

Can't Believe it Right?
It only cost 1000KRW!!

Also some surprise inside the bag!!
Want to know it? But It is limited edition at the 

Congratuations!! to those LUCKY ONE;)

Tattoo EVENT is also popular one on side!!
Get a temporary Tattoo on your body!! 
Be Dare to New!!

Finally the SNAPSHOT Event!!

1. Like our fanpage,
2. Choose something you want to put on you.
3. If you like it, We will give you as a gift!!


Other Photos!! for the events:
Cute Couple got the LUCKY BAG! at Lucky 6PM

A: Great Pair Look! 
B: Where did you guys got it?
Twin: We got it from Dolly & Molly, The dotted T-shirt!
Pretty Right?? It's Free of Charge!! 

The Lucky customers have got the lucky bag! at 6!

They are going to join the Snapshot Events!


Many people waiting outside the booth!!
What's Going on!?!?

Great Performance Stages, Great Musicians,
Wonderful Participants, Funny Events,
Thank you for all of you joined our booth!!

Dolly & Molly will see you next time!
Guys!! We hope you enjoyed our events!!!


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