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[Star Fashion] YUKI Koyanagi, Jet Coaster MV ( Fuji-Q Highland Theme Song in Spring 2013)

We have met Koyanagi Yuki(小柳ゆき) today!
in her MV JETCOASTER(ジェットコースター),
as the theme song of Fuji-Q Highland(富士急ハイランド), amusement park in Japan in this Spring.

The colorful design of the CD Cover really match well with us.

In the Music Video, we can see our Camouflage Studded Jacket, Geometrical Pattern Set (including the Jacket & Pants).


Geometrical Pattern Set: including the Jacket & the shorts are there.
Jacket >
Shorts >
ALSO, the Camouflage Studded Jacket!!

Camouflage Studded Jacket!! >
with Brown & Aqua Colors! 

You would like to see more of the Music Video??


We also discovered that many Korean Actresses have wore our Camouflage Studded JK too!!
1. Cheong Min, Kim (金正民/김정민) MC at Brave Reporters episode 3 in E Channel 
    (E채널 용감한 기자들 3회 김정민) 돌리앤몰리  컬러 카무플라쥬 스터드 자켓

2. So Young, Han in "Everyone Singles" of MBC
     MBC용감한 기자들 한소영 돌리앤몰리  컬러 카무플라쥬 스터드 자켓

3.Shi Yeon, Park in Launching Party of  ESPOIR (Cosmetics Brand) in Hongdae
박시연 에스쁘아 홍대점 론칭행사장

Popular of this jacket, it has already be sold out !!/_\

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