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[What to Wear?] Beach Days Styling tip, Fashion by Dolly & Molly

Seems like this summer,
should be the hottest summer ever!

In this summer vacation, 
we want to swim, play beachball, go out somewhere cool 
with our friends!

But What should we wear?
Let's check the fashionista!

Kate Moss, 
Well, only a retro midbikini, the look is done.
the iconic leopard with gradation on base.
a grass hat, and a pair of earrings.

Back to Simple & Basics,
white bottom should be the best item to match forever.
with any tops on it.
as short as you can. 

Because sooner we will take if OFF!!

Or you will do it as usual?
One Piece?
VACATION MODE, Maxi onepiece are all on.
Get something new! 

Look at another side, we can see a tassel Tee
with black gradation. 
with your bikini inside is enough! 

We are all so HOT at the summer time. 

For my Suggestion?

Dolly & Molly suggest you 

I want to be the one who is unique!

Pink bear bikini with Black Bottom.
A Salmon Pink See through One Piece, dress
there are something go inside out at your sight.
mysterious, sexy, interesting. 

then a statement necklace.

Mainly in this look is base on  YELLOW & PINK.

finally, a pair of reflective sunglasses
and fluorescence yellow wedge.

Sexy, Girly yet Trendy in this summer.

Your Stage is already here!
the beach!! 
Go to Enjoy the sun! 

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