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[What to Wear?] Freshman Styling at University by Dolly & Molly

Hey, Girls.
Are you all recently busying in joining the 
orientation events? 

After long time fight with the public exam,
Finally, Can get a chance to the university!!!

Feel like in the heaven?? Happy?

New stage for your life is begin now!
Do you feel nervous??

to be a Freshman ??

What will you prepare for joining the society???

Fashion Styling Tips for the 
Orientation Date 

The Freshman by Dolly & Molly.
White backpack, 
Striped T-shirt,
Pink Shorts,
In heel Sneakers,

It's your turn now! 
Tell them what's the fresh & new in now!

Products are available in

Striped T-shirt (2 Colors)

Eyeball Bracelet (4 Colors)

Colorful Shorts(2 Colors)

enjoy your new life in university with new friends!!
create a great moment with
Dolly & Molly.

Dolly & Molly
your life style.

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