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[Dolly & Molly] New Arrivals : Outers & Skirtss in Gingham Chic

In the early Autumn, 
We have new ARRIVALS for pretty girls!!

The GINGHAM Chic Set-up!!

the Gingham checks as base,
fill with Black Floral Lace on top!

Take a close up to the Jumper!
Black color also available!

Lace on top make it unique & different from the others!

The skirt !!
Cute Monotone skirt,
you can wear it with any basic tops
as your daily fashion styling!

by Fitting with Models

One Tone & patterns make you looks 10cm taller!

Would you like to get your Gingham Sets?

All from Dolly & Molly.
a unique fashion brand.

Dolly & Molly
Make your heroine life. 

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