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[Current Addiction] All things Denims!!!! by Dolly & Molly

Coming to the September,
the early autumn! 

Are you prepared for it??

A New Denim Taste is arrived in this year's Fall/Winter Trend.

We could see the channel resort in 2014:

Many ready-made Denim products
From head to toe! 
Blazers, Pants, Dresses, anything that you can imagine 
they are all in different denim texture!

Go out the street!
You will also find denim is the great product for the 
transition period from summer to Fall! 

Denim ON Denim: Denim Vest & Skinny Jeans

Denim Overalls with Leopard Blazer

Flare One Piece with all piece a simple denim Texture.

Simple but chic.

Want to get a piece of Denim Fashion??

Classic Trench Coat with Denim Taste
How about it?

Studded Denim Outer

Denim Rider & Denim One Piece

Denim Vest with Nudy One Piece

Get your own denim style at Dolly & Molly

All products are available at 
Dolly & Molly
Make your heroine life. 

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