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2013 Trends: Skull-printing clothing, Accessories

2013 Trends: Skull-printing clothing, Accessories
The goth-inspired printing isn't not just for Halloween anymore!

The Skull Print are on everywhere,
from women to men. Accessories, Bottom, Top

Apart from Rock n' Roll Look, It can also apply on feminie look.

Let's us take a look on Celebrities Skull Look

Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne

F(X), FT island, Girl's Generation, 2PM, etc

How to Get your Skull Look in 2013?

1. Mix the skull prints with feminie items
a contrast between the Spicy Skull Prints,
with the feminie colors or items
will give you a whole new feeling of a day

  2.Color Contrasting  

Get a bright neon colors of the Skull Prints,
you will find it stand out from the monotones

  3. Make your mood today!  

What is your mood today?
How do you want the others look at you?
Choose the pieces can voice you out!

Want a Skull Look for today?

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