Dolly & Molly


[2013 S/S] See Through in Dolly & Molly

Girls! Do you feel that sometimes when guys looking at us,
they always prefer something covered and something being shown accidentally.

Do you feel that you can see some items on street that are using the lace, 
or some materials that shows your hidden figure out?

Sammi Cheng, 

Her gorgeous dress to the Red Carpet is all made from Lace!!!
Her great body figure is hidden inside, 
a pure and in the same time a little bit of sex taste in this look!

Take other outfit as sample:

Black Color give us totally a mysterious feeling 
and somehow sex with the red lips
and showing the skin indirectly.

Under the sunlight! 
All of you are the goddess of the boys!!

Want to have some See-through Products?

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