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[Star Fashion]박은지 Park Eun Ji with Dolly & Molly Skull T-shirt

  [Seo Inyoung’s Star Beauty Show] Park Eun-ji(박은지) Skull T-shirt Dolly & Molly  

[Seo Inyoung’s Star Beauty Show] (서인영의 스타뷰티쇼)

In this week’s “Increase you Charming Point” Episode!!

The show has introduced the ways to increase your charming point all-out !! 
In this Star Beauty Show, the guest  Park Eun Ji(박은지) has been invited
 to the corner “Beauty with Star”!!
They also bring the audience to her home!!
It’s the 1st time Officially show to public!!

In this scene, She has wearing in a comfortable room wear look,
The Skull T-Shirt is  Dolly & Molly’s S/S Collection 2013! 
The pink color really fit into her bright skin tone. 
Create a mood of lovely on her! 

She also told us many Beauty Tips!!
A star like her being chasing by many boy fans and receiving much of love from the others, 
When we look at her we can feel Why she is charming to most of the men.

Her Beauty Tips: Do the Peeling Once A Week
to remove the Dirty things inside the Skin

That’s why she got a flawless skin!! Aura on her face!! 

.:*゚..:。:ヽ(○´3`)ノ Angel Smile.:*゚..:。:.

We can also see  Bae Geu lyn (배그린) 

wearing the White Color Style in KBS Drama 
You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin.(최고다 이순신)

Product Details:

DCATS011 Skull T-shirt TS

Color: Pink, White

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