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Different Feeling of Same Clothing : Striped Jumpsuit

Girls! Did you have a great vacation??

In this summer,
the hottest item for beach, party, traveling,
is the 
Striped Roll-up Jumpsuit!! 
This is our model wearing the jumpsuit.

How about others??

It is also very popular in K-POP Stars.
On KARA's Japanese Single Jacket
she has picked the black color!

On sistar's Bora.
She picked the blue one!

On Baby J of Jewelry of the Stage at Ingikayo
black has been picked again.

In Seo In-young's Star Beauty Show(서인영의 스타 뷰티쇼)
Girls Band Rainbow has picked the blue one too! 

In the Entertainment Show in KBS,
namely, Gag Concert(개그콘서트),
The comedian, Kim Bora also picked the black one!

Which one will you pick??

Want to be sexy or want to be chic?? 

It's all up to you.

The products are available at 
Dolly & Molly
Dolly & Molly
your life style.

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