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[k-pop star styling] Shin Bora Styling in Gag Concert!

Hello! coming to the middle of the autumn,

welcoming the winter, Dolly & Molly would like to introduce 
K-POP Star Styling to all of you!!

Today's Heroin is .....

Shin Bora!!!!!!

she is comedian and the same time singer!

She has lot of experience of acting,
and also being the key member in the show"Gag Concert"

the blond hair has become her signature this year.

Her fashion styling:

Cute but trendy look.

Floral Shirt
with denim pants.

Print Blouse,
Pink Tight Pants,
Neon Wedge

From this summer
She is become more & more chic among the actors.


in early fall:

Vintage Floral Set up 
with neon colors accessories

recently, she picked

Floral Sleeves top 
Denim Tight Overalls.

Furry Cardigan,
Print Top
Velvet High-waist Shorts

Simple, Gorgeous, 
colorful, shining.

Products are available at
a unique fashion brand.

Neon Wedge

Denim Overalls

Floral Sleeves Top

Vintage Floral Print Shorts

Vintage Floral Print Jacket

Alphabet Tank Top

High-waist Corduroy Shorts

Furry Cardigan(Lemon/Orange)

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